Let Me Run

by Highland Kites

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released July 22, 2016

Produced by Raymond Richards
Vocals/keys/acoustic guitar: Marissa Lamar
Drums/percussion: Neil Briggs
Guitar/bass: Raymond Richards
Violin/Viloa on "Freckles": Kaitlin Wolfberg
Cello on "Freckles": Ken Oak
Backing vocals on "Freckles" and "Let Me Run": Oliver Carr
Songs written by Highland Kites
Engineered by Mike Post
Mastered by Little Red Book Mastering



all rights reserved


Highland Kites Los Angeles, California

Highland Kites is an independent alternative folk/rock band based out of Los Angeles, formed in late 2013. It’s the brainchild of Marissa Lamar, who sings and plays keys & guitar in the band alongside drummer Neil Briggs and lead guitarist Alex Edwards..

They are currently planning the release of their next 5 song EP (in production and set to release in July 2017).
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Track Name: Plastic Towns
We live in a plastic town and
I can see it your eyes,
you know there's something more than this,
more than these plastic lives.

You've been broken down
a fire is burning inside.
Years of killing yourself,
clutching your dreams as they die.

Stop pouring your heart out,
your bleeding inside,
all for plastic towns,
all for plastic lives.

You build these walls around an ache your dying to hide,
as you keep planting plastic plants,
convincing yourself they're alive.


I know it looks real but it's all in your mind,
these fake plastic town,
these fake plastic lives,
I know it looks real but it's all in your mind,
these fake plastic towns,
these fake plastic lives in your mind.

Track Name: Freckles
If you could count every freckle on my skin,
and find a way to connect where we were to this,
count every freckle on my skin,
I'll patiently wait here.

So baby count every freckle on my skin,
until you realize you love me again
and if you feel overwhelmed,
if your eyes they swell,
just start again.

If we could fall back into remembering,
our bodies, skin to skin,
and the little world we built,
and how beautiful it is.
The little world we built and how beautiful it is.


Sometimes we need to take a step back,
sometimes we need to breathe in,
sometimes it all falls apart
but not us, not this.

Track Name: This War Inside
Running back towards the light
I was lost in my mind
locked in a cage of my own design.

I could stop this war inside if only I could pick a side,
as darkness wages its war tonight,
I'll run towards the light.

In my glass house I lie,
now you can see me cry
as I embrace the beast inside.


Everything's alright,
I'll find myself tonight,
I needed darkness to see the light,
I'll find myself tonight.

Track Name: Humiliated
I'd do anything to get out of this place,
I can't escape the feeling of being used.
I close my eyes to look at your face as if I'll find something that screams the truth,
but I'm humiliated.

You're a vampire, a parasite feeding on my obvious pain.
Lurking in corners, deep in the night,
you ripped out my heart, you left me stranded in chains,
and now I'm humiliated.

Did you know when you came into my life I was weak,
already poisoned by shame?
As the day it turned slowly to night,
I realized I'm just a pawn in your game.
You left me humiliated.

This is how you live,
so I say goodbye.
I'll leave you here like this,
drowning in lies,
and humiliated,
alone and humiliated.
Track Name: Let Me Run
In our one chance to fix this,
our once chance not to break,
you watched as I crumbled
and let the wind take me away.

We spent so much time wishing,
too much was at stake,
always searching for words,
to wash out the pain.
It's okay.

I guess I should stumble,
I should fall to the floor,
I refuse to be in any pain anymore,
so believe me when I say,
it's okay.

I know you'll try and fix it,
I know just what you'll say.
You'll mend all my pieces,
just to throw them away.
It's okay.


No I won't stumble,
I won't fall to the floor,
No I won't be in any pain anymore,
so believe me when I say,
believe me when I say,
it's okay.

Let me run.