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All we left behind

by Highland Kites

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Small Frame 03:42
I'm more than just a small frame, left to be tamed. a body that's weak, and buckling at the knees. I'm more than what you see, more than what they all say. A bird with broken wings, to one day fly away. I'm only human on the outside. If my body crumbled to the sea, would you feel me in the water? Could you hear me in the breeze? So if my little body breaks, my love it will be okay. I'm more than just a human, that slowly fades away.
Now I'm Home 04:03
Standing on the corner, the air was heavy with rain. Blasting The Cure through my headphones, it's Friday and I'm in love again. I start to wish the rain would melt me and the clouds would pick me up again. I'd become part of something beautiful, but I've always been a bit insane. I want to run. Head for the train. To feel the heat as I pick up the pace. I'm so afraid, of never-ending patterns and ways. I want to melt this skin as I run from this place. How did we get here is all I see what I look at your face, and the ghosts in my head, they scream that something's going to end, I pray from something beautiful in it's place. And all I can say, is something has changed. And all I can say, is I'm not the same. Standing on the corner, the air is heavy with rain. Saying goodbye to the monsters you saved me from again. And now I'm home.
I woke up dazed. Wishing for a world of black and white but I find myself stuck in a million shades of gray. There's a quivering line, between wrong and right, and I can't seem to push these feelings away. Is this how it's supposed to be? Looking out, at a million city lights, I can't help but think of all of these crazy lives. A blanket of stars, us hiding inside, this cycle, this pattern never-ending. Is this how it's supposed to be? I feel like I can't breathe. I'm choking on the lies we were told to keep us alive. If only I could scream, but I'm so deep down underground where no one alive would even hear me. This isn't how it's supposed to be.
Broken 02:49
It's a bitter pill to swallow. But one we had to take. We're pushing on a levy that inevitably breaks. We're broken. How did we get so hollow? With nothing left to give or take. And I'm down here on my knees, begging please, but there's nothing left to say. Except we're broken. Remind me of a moment. Have something to say. Remind me of a time when we thought it was worth it, before that went away. Before we were broken. Why are we so broken? We don't have to be broken.
Intertwined 03:37
You beg me to speak but you hate what I have to say, I was born sick with a dark side you can't push away. When you love someone do you love every piece? Do you break them into fractions and rip them apart at the seams? I've been wondering if you love me for who I am, or the girl you hope I can be. In this moment, I want to forget it all and lay with you, away from it all, look for shooting stars, like we used to. Intertwined. Maybe we can't do this, we'll say we have grown. Love's about compromise, I can't do this alone. Let's just close our eyes, forget it all. Be together before the break, the love before the fall. We're so imperfect, does that make us perfect for each other? We're so imperfect, does that make us want one another?
Empty Pages 03:16
The loudness of this empty room is killing me, with etches and signs of where you used to be, it's like I'm living with a ghost, left here standing in the cold. I stare at empty pages like a magazine. I blankly hum the songs that you would sing for me, I feel pathetic, I feel alone. Stuck in this nightmare with nowhere to run. So I lay down, I cover myself in sheets. I break down, salty tears running down these cheeks. If I said I'm sorry, would you come home? If i said I'm sorry, would you come home? Could we turn back time if I admitted that I was wrong? If I said I'm sorry, would you come home? I close my eyes, I think of what I could of done. Feeling like the paid could burn me up like the sun, no I can't stand it. You were always the one. I can't stand it, that you're gone.
It's funny how these memories, come rushing back to me, like never-ending waves, crashing in my mind. Our youth it crumbled with our dreams, everything we had was picked up and swallowed by the sea. I don't blame you I don't blame you I don't blame you, I know I could. I don't blame you, I don't blame you, I don't blame you, I know I should. I know I should. Now the walls we built are too high to climb, I'll hide in their shadows until the day we die. I'll burn these memories alone, and throw the ashes to the sun. When all is said and done, I'll know we tried. Oh how we tried. When all is said and done, I'll throw the ashes to the sun. When all is said and done, I'll know we tried. And all the lessons we learned, are worth the tears that we cried.
Polaroids 03:18
I remember the promises me we made. The polaroids scattered on the floor. I can still feel the wars that we waged, as I was screaming "there's no war at all." Hopes, dreams and pledges, in a box that was thrown on the floor. They were in paper that was burned at the edges, that I kept hidden, and buried like gold. My bones start to crack from holding our world together for too long. And I'm on my back from holding our world together for so long. I still see your face, when you told me to go. You said "it's time to give up our love." You're voice so soothing, yet cold. It was then when I saw, that love is never equal at all. And the burden I carried, I carried it alone. I was always there. I needed you and you let me go. I was always there. I needed you and now I can breathe that I'm letting go.
I broke your heart, on a cold night. I never wanted this. Would it help, could I make it right, if I told you it wasn't me, I wasn't myself? Look at me, see what you've seen and hold me one last time. Tell me, I'll be okay, before you leave, leave me here. I did this. There's no one to blame. I'm drowning in tears, I'm eaten by shame. Would it help, could I make it right, if I told I love you, I lost this fight? I never wanted this. Bags are packed, memories erased, in a moment. I never wanted this.
We were standing in memories so still we became the trees, your whispers in the breeze of innocence and of youth. Deep down we knew our story was ending soon, but in that moment, we weren't alone. I went from bitter to brilliant, you went from here to gone, I found hope in something I thought was surely lost. Holding hands on swings and you screamed to me, "in 20 years, this moment will be just as strong." In all my fits and rages, as I burned our pages, I smiled in knowing the depths of love. I came alive for you. You're still alive in me.


released July 24, 2015

Vocals/keys: Marissa Lamar
Drums: Neil Briggs
Guitar/Bass: Raymond Richards
String arrangement for "Before You Leave": Patrick Warren & Kaitlin Wolfberg
Violin/Viola: Kaitlin Wolfberg
Cello: Ken Oak
Album artwork: Mathew Bolger

Produced by Raymond Richards at Red Rockets Glare Studios.


all rights reserved



Highland Kites Nashville, Tennessee

Highland Kites is an independent dreamy alternative band formed in LA and now based out of Nashville. For more about the band go here: www.highlandkites.com#bio

“There’s a profound energy emitting from Highland Kites’ music: Vibrant and bright, reflective and engaged.” -Atwood Magazine

Their next 5 song EP “better off” was released on the the 21st of June 2019 via MGM distribution.
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